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The sky's the limit and our skies are endless in Southern Saskatchewan!

The Southern Saskatchewan Vacation Guide



The Southern Saskatchewan Vacation Guide helps communities grow and prosper by promoting local travel experiences. 

The Guide showcases all of Southern Saskatchewan and features the events, attractions & services that make Southern Saskatchewan an unforgettable place to visit, live and work. 

This year distribution will start in February of 2019. The publication will be available at major trade shows and events that happen in February and March of 2019.

The guide is the official tourism information and promotion piece for southern Saskatchewan. With your participation, the guide will comprehensively showcase the many communities, attractions, businesses & other tourism services in southern Saskatchewan - large and small. In addition, it is a great source for people moving to Southern Saskatchewan to check out communities and their amenities. The guide is popular for both visitors and residents. Residents pick up copies to plan nearby vacations. Visitors use the guide to assist in their trip plans. Others use the publication to help make future lifestyle choices.

This year we again feature our Day Trips (maps and editorial) which will highlight many new communities. 80,000 magazines will be distributed for the 2019 edition, continuing to provide a high ROI to partners. This marketing opportunity is offered to tourism partners at a very reasonable rate - approximately two cents per insertion based on a full page. 

Together, let’s showcase the vast diversity that we are so proud to enjoy in southern Saskatchewan! Join us in blowing our own Southern Saskatchewan horn by being a part of the 2019 Southern Saskatchewan Vacation Guide.



The Southern Saskatchewan Vacation Guide


Concept Media is proud to announce the 2020 Southern Saskatchewan Vacation Guide. A minimum of 80,000 copies are distributed. The full colour publication is 8.375" x 10.625" and printed on coated stock. Get the information about your community, business or organization out to over 250,000 readers annually. The Southern Saskatchewan Vacation Guide is the premiere travel guide for Southern Saskatchewan residents and visitors. Partner communities illustrate the reasons why they are great places to visit, work and live. Participate in the day-trip program to make sure residents and visitors want to visit your community. Don’t be left out - get involved today and show everyone why you are proud to be a part of our great province.

advertising rates

Back Cover 

(8.375 x 10.625”/212.725 x 269.875mm) $3,600

Inside Covers 

(8.375 x 10.625”/212.725 x 269.875mm) $3,100

Full Page - Trim

(8.375 x 10.625”/212.725 x 269.875mm) $1,700

Full Page - Live 

(7.2083 x 8.625”/183.092 x 219.075mm) $1,700

1/2 Page Vertical

(3.5208 x 8.625”/89.429 x 219.075mm) $1,000

1/2 Page Horizontal

(7.2083 x 4.2156”/183.092 x 107.075mm) $1,000

1/3 Page Vertical

(2.2756 x 8.625”/57.8 x 219.075mm)    $1,800

1/3 Page Horizontal

(7.2083 x 2.757”/183.092 x 70.029mm) $1,800

4 Unit Horizontal

(4.7428 x 2.7589”/120.467 x 70.075mm) $1,700

3 Unit Horizontal

(7.2083 x 1.2998”/183.092 x 33.014mm) $1,600

1 Unit Horizontal

(2.2917 x 1.2986”/58.208 x 32.985mm) $1,,225

Day Trip Map & Editorial Placement $1,500

(Included with min. 3 unit advertisement)

1/2 Day Trip Map & Editorial 

(2 partners required)                              $ 250


TRADESHOWS: Varies Annually

The Southern Saskatchewan Vacation Guide will be distributed early in 2020 to accommodate distribution at the many tradeshows that happen in February, March and April each year.


The Southern Saskatchewan Vacation Guide is distributed to all town/village offices, R.M. offices, libraries, tourism related businesses, parks, hotels, motels, major events, major attractions and visitor centres in Southern Saskatchewan. In addition, the Southern Saskatchewan Vacation Guide is also distributed to some communities in central and northern Saskatchewan, Southern Alberta, Southern Manitoba and North Dakota.


The Southern Saskatchewan Vacation Guide is also available online in page turning format with hot links to all partners. Available at www.ssvg.ca.



Check out the exciting new day trip maps and editorial that setup routes for residents and visitors. Make sure your community is included. Placement costs are very reasonable and the businesses and organizations within your community will reap the benefits. Inclusion in the day trip maps is free with an advertisement placement of 3 units or larger. Split the cost between your town/village and R.M. Office for only $250 each and realize real benefits for your community.

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